Finding the Ideal Lighting Layout

When you're designing or renovating a building, whether it's your home or a commercial structure, interior lighting is one of the most important considerations. The right light fixtures can make each room functional and pleasant. However, inadequate lighting can harm the overall aesthetic and make it hard to work or relax in that space. Follow these steps to pick the right light fixtures.

Interior Lighting Essentials

Consider the Room's Function

The purpose and function of a room can have a significant effect on the lighting design. For example, an office conference room has different lighting requirements than a home office. Think about what time of day each room will be occupied and how much light will be needed. Reading at night generally requires a lot of light; using a computer during the day usually calls for less ambient light.

Decide on the Color and Amount of Light

As you plan a room's lighting, think about the exact details of fixtures and bulbs. Remember that the total amount of light may come from a combination of sources, such as recessed lights and desk lamps. You can usually find light bulbs in a range of color tones. Warmer tones are usually good for homes, whereas commercial buildings tend to rely on cooler white tones.

Coordinate Natural and Artificial Light Sources

One of the most challenging parts of planning out interior lighting is balancing the light from fixtures and windows. Most interior designers have training and experience to help you understand how much natural light you should allow during the daytime. They can also help you choose artificial light sources that will accent natural light during the day and add sufficient illumination at night.

Meeting All Your Lighting Requirements

Most rooms utilize a combination of several light sources, such as overhead fixtures and lamps. You may want to wire the recessed lighting to a wall switch for easy access. Chandeliers and sconces may require bulbs with special shapes. Once you have a clear understanding of the amount and quality of artificial light you need, you can meet those requirements with the right fixtures.